March 13, 2022

Season 2 - Episode #11 - Understanding Other People; The Five Secrets To Human Behavior By Beverly Flaxington

Season 2 - Episode #11 - Understanding Other People; The Five Secrets To Human Behavior By Beverly Flaxington
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I will be reviewing the audible book “Understanding Other People; The Five Secrets To Human Behavior” By Beverly Flaxington. This audible book will teach you how to understand other people and master 5 secrets on human behavior. We struggle on a regular basis to make sense of other people and their viewpoints. Poor communication is at the root of so many of our pains and problems, and our lack of knowledge about what to do can paralyze us. The most powerful people are the ones who understand themselves, better than others understand them. This is because, if we recognize what we are doing in our communications, and we can understand what others are doing, it gives us expanded choices in how to respond, and how to behave. The secret lies in how to achieve this power.

The Five Secrets to Human Behavior:

  • Secret Number One: It’s All About Me
  • Secret Number Two: Our Behavioral Styles Come Between Us
  • Secret Number Three: Your Values Speak Louder Than You Do
  • Secret Number Four: Don’t Assume I Know What You Mean
  • Secret Number Five: I’m Okay; You are Most Definitely NOT Okay

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