Feb. 7, 2021

Episode #4 - Make Today Count By John Maxwell

The secret of our success is determined by our daily agenda. If we make a few key decisions and then manage them well in our daily agenda. We will succeed. We will never change our life until we change something. We do daily. What we become is a result of what we do today.

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I will be reviewing this Self-Development Audible Book on Leadership and going over 8 Disciplines to help you Make Today Count. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/patrickkellypodcast/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/patrickkellypodcast/support



Hello, Self Developers and welcome to the Patrick Kelly Podcast for Self-Development where I will be reviewing audible books on Self-Development that can change your life for the better this year and years to come. It is said that if we keep on doing. We always did. We will keep on getting what we always get. In other words, to change our output, we first have to change our input.

Today is February 6 2021. And this is episode four and today we'll be reviewing the audible book "Make Today Count" by John Maxwell. I have personally listened to a lot of John Maxwell audible books throughout the years. Now I'll be the first to say his audible books and written books are awesome. When it comes to grooming yourself to become a leader or learning to lead yourself. John Maxwell has over 30 years of experience teaching leadership concepts. I will be reviewing not only this audible book, but a future episodes of this Podcast. I will be reviewing other John Maxwell audible books.

The Author starts this audible book by stating that the secret of our success is determined by our daily agenda. If we make a few key decisions and then manage them well in our daily agenda. We will succeed. We will never change our life until we change something. We do daily. What we become is a result of what we do today. We can pay now and play later or play now and pay later. But either way we are going to pay. This all will book explores this fall daily disciplines that we must follow in order to have success. Let us go over 8 of the 12 disciplines,

Discipline # 1: Attitude: We must always try to have a great attitude. Nothing is more noticeable about a person than a person who has a great attitude. It is said that our attitude determines our altitude. Think, act, talk, and conduct yourself, like the person you want to become. Change starts with how we think of ourselves. How we see ourselves on a daily basis is eventually who we become.

Discipline # 2: Priorities: The Pareto Principle teaches us that if we focus our attention on the top 20% of our priorities, we will get an 80% return on our efforts. Our greatest asset is our time. We have to be careful in how we spend our time and how we let others spend our time for us. We can always give back the money we spent. We can not get back. The time we spent once time is spent, it is gone and will never return live your day. According to your priorities, things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.

Discipline # 3: Health: Do you want to be successful and healthy or successful and wealthy? The answer to this question is both. You want to be both healthy. And wealthy. We must be disciplined to always eat to live instead of living to eat, it would make no sense to be successfully wealthy and not successfully healthy at the same time. What we take care of takes care of us. You must take care of our bodies, not only through nutrition, but through daily. Exercise the discipline of health ensures that we have a long life and the ability to make a difference in the lives of others.

Discipline # 4: Family: Nothing is more important than Family. Better understanding positive change and growing relationships are what says things. Family seeking first to understand each other and then to be understood by each other. It's a foundation of building a strong family. The Author States that we should put family first by blocking out time on our calendars to create memorable experiences. When we are at work, be at work. And, when we are with the family, be with the family.

Discipline # 5: Thinking: To become a Good Thinker, do more thinking. Where we go to think does not matter. As long as it stimulates our thinking set aside. Think time every day. If we have a greater idea, write it down and do not rely on your mind to keep it, or you just might forget it. It is said that the dullest pencil is sharper than a sharp it's mine. So to become a good thinker, write your ideas down.

Discipline # 6: Commitment: People will forget how fast you do the job, but they will remember how well you did it to get something from our day. We must put something in it. Our choices are the only things we truly control. We cannot control our circumstances nor can we control others by focusing on our choices and then making them with integrity.

We could control our commitment. Commitment is what we must put in today to make today our masterpiece and make tomorrow a success.

Discipline # 7: Finances: Sacrifice today to have options tomorrow. 10% to church or charity, 10% to investments and 80% to living expenses. The rich and invests their money and spend what's left, and the poor spend their money and then invest what's left. It is always best to put ourselves on a budget. Failing to plan is like planning to fail, practice financial discipline. And last but not least, let us push forward to: 

Discipline. # 12, which is Growth: Make a commitment to change. Without change, there can be no growth. Focus on your strengths, and not your weaknesses. If you cannot sing, no vocal coach will be able to change that. Grow in areas that will add value to you personally and professionally. Make it a goal to grow in some way, every day and be better than you were yesterday.

This audible book is very easy to listen to. And comprehend, and it will definitely put you on the road to developing your leadership abilities. On a scale of 1 to 5 I would give this audible book a solid 5.

This is the end of this Podcast for Today. Tune in next week for the next episode and the next audible book up over 300 books that I will be reviewing on the Patrick Kelly Podcast for Self-Development. Feel free to comment and share and remember. Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change. Take care.