Jan. 16, 2021

Episode 1: As A Man Thinketh By James Allen

How to change your thinking, in order to change your life.

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Today I will be Reviewing and Quoting various parts of this Audible Book that I think can help you to change your Life. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/patrickkellypodcast/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/patrickkellypodcast/support



Hello and welcome to the Patrick Kelly Self-development audible book review Podcast. Where  I will  be reviewing. Audible books on Self-Development that can change your life for the better this year, and years to come. It is said that if you keep on doing what we always did. We would keep on getting what we always got. In other words, to change our output, we must first learn to change our input. 

Today is January 15th, 2021. This is Episode 1 and Today We will be reviewing, the audible book, "As You Think" by James Allen. This book is an awesome book that explores how we think the original title of this book was called "As A Man Thinking". There was also a version of this book called "As A Woman Thinketh".

Through this Podcast, I will be going over a few quotes from this audible book, and sharing with you, the quotes that I liked the most. Let me take a little bit about the Author. The Author again, his name is James Allen. That he wrote this book in the year 1903. It is based on the Bible, Proverb Chapter 23 verse 7 "As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, So Is He" or She. Let me go over my favorite quotes in his book. 

Quote # 1: Circumstances do not make the person, it reveals  the person to himself or herself. So what does this mean? When you find yourself in very challenging circumstances, what are you learning about yourself? What are you learning about you?

Are you the kind of person says to yourself? "The harder the battle, the sweeter, the victory". Or, are you the person who wants to crawl back in the bed? The hope that things will change for the better. 

Quote # 2: We do not attract what you want, but what we are. Opposites do not attract like energy attracts like energy. If we want to happiness in our life, and you will not attract happiness by being unhappy all the time. We cannot attract positivity when we are always thinking negative. Our Mind is a Garden and we are the Master Gardeners. Good thoughts bring forth good fruit and bad thoughts bring forth bad fruit. It is not what happened to us, it's how you respond to what has happened to Us. When life is serving you lemons, you must always find a way to make lemonade. 

Quote # 3: We don't get what we wish for and pray for, we get, what we justly earn. Our wishes and prayers are only gratified and answered when you harmonize with our thoughts, and actions. In order to improve our circumstances, we must first improve ourselves.

Quote # 4: As you think, so you are, as you continue to think, so you remain. In other words, in order to change, we must first change our thinking. If we don't change our thinking, we will remain same with the same thoughts that put us in the situation that we are currently in. I believe it was Einstein who said "we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used, when we created them.

Quote, # 5: Those who would accomplish little, must sacrifice little. Those who would achieve much, less sacrifice much. And those who attain highly, must sacrifice greatly. So this is the process of achievement. According to our efforts, like reaping and sowing,. Do little, get little, do much, get much, but to achieve greatness. You must be willing to do something great. 

Quote, # 6: To desire is to obtain, to aspire, is to achieve. When we desire something you're holding it as a thought in our mind to have it, but when we aspire something, it is a thought followed by action, so we can achieve it. This is the end of the Podcast for Today. Tune in next week for the next episode, and the next audible book of 300 books that I will be reviewing. on the Patrick Kelly, audible book Self-Development Podcast. Feel free to comment and share, and remember, life does not get better by chance. It gets better. by change. Take care.